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Another Chance Cover Another Chance: Hope & Health for the Alcoholic Family

Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse

324 pages,
6x9 in.
ISBN 978-0831400729
$25.95 paperback

This book is about breaking the cycle of negative patterns in our lives ... [Wegscheider-Cruse's] contributions to all who have been touched by the addiction of dysfunctional families have been tremendous. -- Robert J. Ackerman, PhD, President, Addiction Research

Written with clarity and compassion ... Brings the reader to a new udnerstanding of the dynamics in alcoholic families. -- Marie Comstock, MA MFCC, Instructor, Univ. California, Riverside

The second edition of this classic work on recovery for alcohol families updates and expands the original, which won a Marty Mann Award as an outstanding contribution on alcohol communications.

The first ten chapters of Another Chance pull the curtain back on the alcoholic family. We meet its cast of characters: the Dependent, the Enabler, the Hero, the Scapegoat, the Lost Child, the Mascot.

The author then spells out a treatment plan for halting the downward spital of alcoholism -- a powerful blend of the Twelve Steps pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, the Family Reconstruction process developed by Virginia Satir, Wegscheider-Cruse's innovative and eclectic approach to therapy, and her own recovery from co-dependency.

The second edition also addresses adult children of alcoholics, sprituality, and co-dependent therapists.

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